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Beautifully Inscribed Platinum Wedding Band Recovered in Hayward, California

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

After painting his in his new house, Jeff had just finished washing his hands

at an outside faucet, when he shook his hands off and felt his ring slide off his finger.

He never saw it land and he never heard it hit anything.  His ring just disappeared!

Jeff searched and searched, even clipping the grass around the faucet

with a pair of scissors.  Others looked.  Workers looked.  No luck.

Jeff’s ring was somewhere out there in the thick grass.

Jeff had flung his ring about 20 feet behind himself when shaking off his wet hands.

He’s tall guy and there is a lot of leverage in those long arms. He’s kind of a big deal.

It took me one hour and 20 minutes to locate his ring in his front yard.

Two weeks after losing his ring, a priceless keepsake returned.

The inscription reads “Love and Life”.


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