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Snow, Ice & Tire chains – Lost 18k Ring – Found by Del Witters

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

Christian went to the aid of his wife during a rare icy snow storm in Portland and along the way had to chain-up himself. He forgot his ring was in the breast pocket of his scrubs and thought that when he bent over to work on his tires it slid out into the snow. He tried to find it the next day but came up empty. The following morning an internet search located “The Ring Finders” and my info and we met during his lunch. Within a few minutes I had a solid signal and about 1″ under the snow, on the pavement, was his ring; a beautiful deep gold colored 18k band with ornate carvings inside.

Christian and his wife are headed to the warm beaches of Hawaii tomorrow morning and can now go worry-free. Merry Christmas & thank you for the call!

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