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Platinum Wedding Band Lost off Boat Dock in Ocean City,NJ Recovered!

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

While I was on vacation in Ocean City this summer I received a call from a guy that lived just blocks away from where I was staying. He stated that he was tying up his boat and his ring had fallen off and into the water. I met him the next morning for the 6am low tide and he showed me the area he was sure it was in. Unfortunately the mud silt was so unstable and deep I was unable to get in the water at the area in fear of sinking in the mud and pushing the ring further into the mud. I started searching the area with my White’s v3i with a small 4×6 search coil from the side of the dock and within seconds I got a nice gold signal from the detector. Lightly fanning the water a shinny circle reveal itself just under the surface of the mud and I gently recovered it with my hand scoop. ¬†Another happy customer!13782112_10207019575358416_7875700893610358643_n13659102_10207019575198412_8993728255586263972_n13607050_10207019575438418_3086520614212338827_n