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Lost Diamond & Platinum Engagement Ring Recovered in Half Moon Bay, California 94019

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Bentley was proposing to his fiance on Poplar Beach this morning, when Max the dog jumped up and knocked the ring into the air. It vanished into the sand. Bentley used his smartphone to locate the Ringfinders, and I arrived 30 minutes later.

Recovered: 1 carat, pear shaped diamond, of very high clarity and color, which is surrounded by approximately 32 small brilliant diamonds of similar quality, set in a classic Tiffany style platinum setting. Beautiful, brand new ring, never worn, until recovered today. I had the honor of handing the ring to the bride to be.


Best wishes for your continued good taste and good luck Bentley!


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Platinum Wedding Band Recovered from Deep Ivy Patch in Glen Park, San Francisco, CA 94131

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Another case of throwing a ball for a dog. While whipping a tennis ball down his street for his dog Rudy, off goes Dave’s wedding band into the thick ivy. Of course the ring immediately disappears from view, and gravity takes over.

Dave knew his ring was made of platinum, and had a pretty good idea of where it went in. I set my detector for platinum mode and went to work. I was able to locate Dave’s ring in about 10 minutes, about 14 inches down from the top of the ivy.

A happier guy and another smile for our Book of Smiles

Recovery by Marshall Smith – Call: 800-214-8534