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Lost Diamond Gold Earing At An Indoor Soccer Field Ottawa, Ontario

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

Our biggest challenge yet! We received a ring finders call for a lost diamond earring. It was lost at an indoor artificial soccer field.  Lyne had a hectic week and she rushed off to her soccer game forgetting to remove her earrings. At one point in the game she went behind the net to grab the ball and got tangled up. She felt her ears and only found the backing to her earring. She spent hours, returning multiple times with flash lights but couldn’t find it. She was so upset, her husband had bought them for her 40th birthday. When we arrived we had no idea what to expect. We tested her other earring and the Equinox was able to pick it up as a solid 4 but at max depth of 2 1/2 inches away. We used Park 2. Luckily it wasn’t rebar and cement under the turf but sand. Thinking it should be pretty clean we were finding the smallest bits of metal in the artificial soil in the grass. For two hours Eric and I gridded the goal area. There was a strip about two feet wide behind the net and close to the wall, we lift the tarp and could see the metal frame and big wire cabling. It was the only area we couldn’t detect. We had 30 minutes left before a soccer game was going to start. Eric as a last resort decided to try along the strip with just the pin pointer. He was on his hands and knees rubbing the pointer on the ground. 5 minutes later I hear a whahahaha! Eric was holding this beautiful diamond earring! She gasped and cried and then cried even harder! Of course I teared right up with her ha ha! A wonderful memorable return!