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Large gold cross found and returned in tiny beaches ontario

  • from Barrie (Ontario, Canada)

Aug 25 2020

Ring finders Lost Cross returned


I received a call last night from Frank, he was calling for Tony the man who lost his cross while playing beach bocce ball at his friends place in Tiny beaches.

He explained it fell off the chain while playing bocce ball so they picked up a metal detector and tried to find it yesterday themselves with no luck and decided to give me a call to see if I could help.  It was late and dark already when they called so I agreed to meet Tony at 8am the next morning as its important to search for the object before it becomes stepped on or found by a passerby.

I arrived 8am the following morning and went to work gridding the area where he said he had lost it.  After an hour of gridding the beach sand I happily handed the cross back to a very happy gentleman.   Felt great to make such a great return, the cross is a beautiful example of craftsmanship.  Very successful search to add to the books.  What a beautiful cross.  Great meeting you guys. 🙂

Another awesome return, and

Large cross located and returned to very happy owner

great people too

Ted Gaudet

Found gold chain Wasaga Beach…

  • from Barrie (Ontario, Canada)

Awesome chain returned from water hunt



  While out metal detecting the water at Wasaga beach,  I was approached by a gentleman and he explained how he lost his large gold chain in the water while having a midnight swim.  After showing me the location where he was swimming I went to work.  After a 10 minute search, I was extremely happy to hand this large gold chain to him.  Richard was extremely happy to have it back.   Special thanks to Alison Walker of Ring Finders who had recommended me to help him find it.  Another awesome recovery.