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Lost Heirloom Engagement Ring Recovered at China Beach, San Francisco, CA 94129 with Testimonial

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

China Beach at the entrance to San Francisco Bay.

Kate was pushing through the incoming waves here at historical China Beach. She tried to dive through a couple of waves but the waves kept rushing in. She felt the ring being swept off her finger, and frantically tried to feel for it in the sand. She searched until dark. Bitterly disappointed and discouraged, she found The Ring Finders.

I met Kate the next morning at 9AM. Kate had carefully noted landmarks on the beach to direct me to the search area. She was pretty gloomy. As we waited for low tide at 10AM, I made slow passes above the tide line just to kill time. There were no targets at all. Either the beach had been regularly swept by metal detectorists or, the residents of Sea Cliff are extremely tidy neighbors. All of a sudden I found a strong signal in the wet sand. It really sounded like a bottle cap (15 on Minelab 800) but I was happy to find any targets. No one was more surprised to see the gold circle appear in my digging spoils. (Those spoils are the little mounds in the sand about 20 feet to the left of the big rick, above.)

Kate washing the sand off her recovered treasure.

A delighted young bride-to-be with her stunning family heirloom.


Kate’s custom engagement ring was created from multi-generational family gemstones and historical gold.


Kate’s beautiful heirloom yellow sapphire, diamonds and gold, custom engagement ring.


Hi Marshall,Thank you again for coming out this morning. I still can’t believe you were able to find it — I feel incredibly, incredibly fortunate. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your morning! I wanted to provide a positive review of your efforts, so here is my little testimony of my experience: After getting hit by a wave at China Beach, my engagement ring slipped off my finger and took all hope of recovery with it. While I made note of visual markers to remember the exact spot, I mainly called Marshall to provide “peace of mind” that I did all I could.

Well, on top of being incredibly kind and asking a very reasonable rate, Marshall found my one-of-a-kind engagement ring within 30 minutes of arriving. I’m still in shock as I write this. I can never express how grateful I am to him for his willingness to show up despite how dire the situation seemed. “Thank you” just doesn’t seem to be enough!

You have saved both my fiancé and myself a lot of heartache (and money) — as down as I was yesterday afternoon, I feel like I won the lottery today. Maybe I should go buy a ticket!

Best of luck with future hunts and take care.

Cheers, Kate


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