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Lost my ring in the snow! Ottawa Ontario

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)
The other day I received a text message about a lost ring in the snow. Around supper time, she had gone outside and shook off her hands near the side door, this is when she felt both her engagement ring and her wedding ring fly off… They had spotted a hole in the snow and managed to find her wedding ring, They spent a few hours searching but couldn’t find her engagement ring. I stopped in and spent a good 5 min. searching the area where the first ring was found but it wasn’t there. I looked around and¬†noticed an evergreen tree near the deck and thought to myself, maybe it didn’t fly as far and might be in there. Sure enough I pass the coil over the tree and then under, that’s when I heard a sweat solid gold tone. Sure enough, it had landed on the tree and made its way to the bottom. Another successful ring recovery!