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Lost Engagement Ring on Beach in Long Beach Island, New Jersey Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder Ed Cropski

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I just did another lost ring recovery in LBI (Long Beach Island,New Jersey) Received a call from a couple on their anniversary vacation enjoying the relaxation of the beach and ocean who unfortunately were faced with the loss of the wife’s engagement and wedding ring. She had them in bag but somehow they had fallen out? Searching she located the wedding ring in the sand but couldn’t find the diamond engagement ring. Doing a quick Goggle search she found my NJ Lost Ring Finder success stories in LBI and gave me a call. Fortunately I was just blocks away and within minutes on-site! I began the search where they were sitting and a minute later she had her ring back on her finger and got back to their vacation! Happy Anniversary!
Another happy customer!
Recovery #152