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Lost Gold High School Ring Found in South Plainfield, New Jersey

  • from Middlesex County, (New Jersey, United States)

3/22016 – Received a call from Nancy of South Plainfield, N.J. about a lost gold ring in her front yard. After running some other errands, I met up with Nancy and she showed me her front yard and some landscaping where she had been working when she lost her ring. After getting some details, she informed me that she had lost the ring some weeks ago and had been using a metal detector she purchased with no results. After spending about 45 minutes using my Minelab Safari detector and my Garret pinpointer around the bottom of the bushes, I decided to expand the search area. Nancy informed me that she hadn’t been in this area but I explained that depending upon what she had been doing, the ring could have been flung from her finger farther then she realized. On the second pass with the detector, I received a gold signal and as I bent down to take a look, I could see the sun glinting off of the gold on the upside-down ring. Nancy had just retrieved her own detector and was walking towards me when I stood up and said, “Found it!” So far for 2016, I’m two-for-two on finding rings for Nancys! Another beautiful and successful day in South Plainfield for Nancy and the Ring Finders! Also provided Nancy with instructions on how to use her detector.IMG_0040 IMG_0041