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Wedding Ring Rescued From Indian Ocean, Trigg Beach, Perth, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

Well she’s had a goog clean!

Ben was about twenty meters out from the beach having a swim when he felt his precious wedding ring slip from his finger into the ocean. He had stood up and searched frantically around him for it whilst calling out to his wife on the beach what had happened. A lifegaurd had later told them that there was someone who was able to find rings lost in the water so Ben had consulted uncle google, he punched ‘metal detecting service’ into his phone and soon found my website www.RingRescues.com.au and then my phone number.

Ben called and told me what had happened and I learnt that they were still at the beach, so whilst asking Ben a bunch of questions, I was already checking the weather forecast and decided that although the tide had been increasing over the few hours since the loss, that it would not yet be too deep and the swell was only mild so it was best to have a go straight away. Infact this is a surfing beach with consistent unimpeded Southern Indian Ocean swell and is rarely calm enough to detect, so time was of the essence for sure.. I couldn’t gamble on the next day being as good as this, so “off to the rescue” I went..

Order has been restored!

When I met Ben on the beach an hour later I asked  him to go back into the ocean with a flag to mark where he thought he’d been. I then set out a search grid based on Ben’s best recollections. Unfortunately he’d been swimming up and down the beach a fair distance so he was more confident about how far out he’d been than laterally along the beach.

Just after I had started Ben’s wife had arrived back from a walk along the beach, so I asked her where she thought he’d been. She felt he’d been more to the left in front of a surf school flag stuck in the beach about 20 m away. As I’d already started on the other side I resumed and worked my way in and out, in and out, slowly but surely moving down the beach toward the surf school flag. A few good sounding targets had gotten me excited but all had been let downs and then the ocean fell silent.

I was feeling more expectant though as I neared the surf school flag. I have found over the years that who ever is in the water is less reliable than their partner or friend on the beach when it comes to where they were at the time of loss, as the “lossee” is usually looking frantically around them, even diving down after thier precious, well before they think to landmark the exact spot, whereas the person on the beach is often standing in one spot not moving and can give a better fix.

Well today was one of these times so that as I approached the surf school flag I finally heard what I’d been listening for.. blip.. blip.. and again.. blip.. blip.. The two most common items to do this are 1. soda/beer can staytabs and 2. shallow rings! What were my chances? In this case, all thing’s considered, I thought about 90/10 in favour of it being Ben’s ring. Sure enough a moment later I was staring at Bens precious in the bottom of my scoop.

Needless to say he was stunned when I yelled “found it” and half ran, half jumped out of the water to deliver it to him. At first he just looked shocked, but with a huge grin. As the shock turned to realisation we high fived before he simply said “mate, what a bloody ledgend”.