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Sentimental Gold Earings Lost, Found And Reunited With Owner, Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

Ruth and her boyfriend had enjoyed an afternoon at Perth’s most popular beach but when Ruth looked for her sentimental rose gold earings once they had returned to the car she found that she no longer had them. They had returned to the beach to look for them where they had been sitting close to the waters edge but had been unable to find them and were standing there wondering what if anything they could do

Beep, beep!

when they spotted me metal detecting along the towel line. Ruth’s boyfriend had waved his arms to get my attention and then explained what had happened and asked if I could help. I said sure, and walked with him back to Ruth where I questioned them about their movements. After a quick search of the area where they had placed their towels etc had failed to find them I asked them to define the maximum extent of the area they had walked across to get to where they had sat at the waters edge by dragging a line in the sand with their heels. I started to detect the area they had marked and it wasn’t long before I heard two solid signals in one sweep of my coil across the sand.. I thought this sounds promising as I dropped to my knees and I drew my pinpointer. As I moved the pinpointer close to where I’d heard the first of the signals I caught a glint of metal in the sand to the left of me and sure enough it was the clasp of a gold earing. I quickly located no.2 and turned to find Ruth staring in shock as I dangled them on my finger and said “would these be what we’re after?”


Happy happy, joy joy…

Well shock quickly turned to joy as a huge smile broke out on both of their faces. I handed them to her as she thanked me profusely and then asked how can I pay you, we didn’t bring any money with us. I smiled and said “hey it was my pleasure and didn’t take long but I’d love to take a pic of the earings and a ‘smile pic’ to go with it for this story. They were more than happy to oblige as you can see…