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Ring lost on Outer Banks NC

  • from Avon (North Carolina, United States)

I received a call from cole mikes friend and they were down on vacation and mike was secretly proposing to his girlfriend of eight years Kayla. While on the beach mike was about to propose and he had recently put the ring in his shirt pocket and goes to propose and he didn’t have the ring. He was distraught and utterly upset an sick that he lost the ring. I told him first don’t worry and that I would find it. With a couple phone calls and I was on my way to recover there ring. Three hours of diligently searching the beach I had a 8-9 on my Equinox 800… I knew it was a good number and not
a rust bottle top. I stuck my pinpointer down and was like bam I found your ring. He was so happy. He didn’t tell her we found it. The next mourning they had to be gone and out of the rental. He said let’s go to the beach to check one last time and he got to propose the way he Invisioned doing so. Congradulations To Mike and Kayla