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Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring Lost Happy Valley, OR – Found and Returned

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

Please send warm thoughts or prayers to a newly engaged couple, Naomi and Ruben, who have been engaged 17 days today… every ring has memories this story is just one of them.

As they gathered to play volleyball Naomi thought it would be best to put her engagement ring in her shirt pocket for safe keeping. A short while later she discovered it missing. 25 people walked a line searching the 3″ dense grass with no luck. They borrowed a metal detector and still came up empty; I can only imagine her agony. The following day Ruben happened to find my info on the internet and a few hours later we met. The large sports field was quickly narrowed to a 30’x30′ area with subsequent expansion areas if needed. Their recollection of the loss area and a Minelab Equinox with 15″ coil made relatively short work of the recovery. Happiness, oh, the happiness, never gets old and Covid, forget it, her hug, his handshake, and their thankfulness made my day!

Ruben and Naomi I wish for you many blessed days and years ahead on your journey of marriage.

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