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Lost Gold Ring Found at Fort Myers Beach

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

imageJuly 2, 2015

We received an email from Josh Thompson requesting our help to locate his white gold wedding band that had slipped off his finger while swimming and playing with his family at Fort Myers Beach.

Josh who resides in Melbourne, FL was vacationing at Bel Air Beach Club on the north end of the island. He and his family were leaving the next morning, so we made arrangements to perform the search later the same evening.

When we arrived Josh proceeded to tell us he had spent simageeveral hours snorkeling trying to find the ring on his own.  When those attempts  failed, he looked to the Internet to search for a metal detector rental shop.  He called a Google listing for detector rental.  However, the shop was located in a different state. The shop owner, though, referred Josh to theringfinders.com website and that’s how he came in contact with us.

Josh then proceeded to take us to the location of the missing ring on the beach.  We arrived at low tide which made the search efforts ideal. My wife and I equipped with our Minelab Excaliburs began our search.    In less then 45 minutes, we were able to find the ring and return it back to Josh!  Glad we could be a part of another successful ring recovery.