Lost diamond gold band

How to Find a Lost Ring at the Beach — Sanibel Island

  • from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

I received a call from a family staying at Sanibel Island while on vacation.

This sweet gal (pictured) had taken her four rings off to apply sunscreen and laid them on the beach towel.  Forgetting that the rings were on the towel, she picked up the towel when gathering up items to head in.  When she realized what had happened, they began searching for the rings.  They could only find three of the four.  That’s when they called me for the additional help of a metal detector.

I had appointments scheduled for the day so my wife volunteered to go.

Upon arriving, the general area on the sand where the ring was thought to be lost was marked with a pile of shells.  Within 10 to 15 minutes my wife got a good signal on her detector a few feet from the marked area.  In the scoop was the missing diamond platinum wedding band.  Hugs and smiles were exchanged as the ring was returned to her finger where it belongs!