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Lost Cell phone in LBI NJ Found by Matt St Germain / Jersey Shore Lost Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

On July 20th I received an email from a girl named Jamie who had lost her iphone. She purchased a metal detector and searched for it for a few days without any luck. She then reached out to me for some help. Going by the map images she sent me with the last known location of the phone before the battery died, I started a search in that area while marking a grid. The biggest issue working against me is that she told me trucks had come in and dumped more sand on the beach after she lost it. But the phone had been moved around a few times. Most likely from the sand being graded and the beach rake making passes. In about an hour and widening my search area I was able to locate the phone about 12-14″ down. She and her Father were very happy to hear I had found it! Another happy customer!