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Engagement Ring Lost in the sand, Found and Returned. Myrtle Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a phone call from Jim Wren, TRF North Myrtle Beach, around 8:00 Friday night. He received a call from Jeremiah about his wife’s lost engagement ring in Myrtle Beach. Jim and I respect each other turf when it comes to ring searches, and often we work together on many of them, or cover for each other. I told Jim that it would be a couple hours before I could get there and asked if he wanted to take the call. Jim was equally out of the area, so I told him I’d take the call. Getting the particulars from Jim, I called Jeremiah back and told him it would be 10:00 before I could get there. We made arrangements to meet.

Arriving at the beach with my equipment, I met Jeremiah, Brittany and John. They explained the loss to me. Brittany had not moved from the spot that she lost the ring 2 hours before. She lost the ring in shallow water while playing football. Catching the ball sent her ring into the water’s edge. She saw it lying in the sand just before a wave took it away. For 2 hours she stared at this 20 foot by 20 foot area, while Jeremiah found The Ring Finders on his phone.  I had them rub their left earlobe for luck as I started what was going to be a 30 by 30 foot grid. About 10 feet into the grid, and 31 cents, I got the beautiful golden tone on my Minelab 30-30 CTX. Carefully sending the scoop into the wet sand, I dumped the sand next to the hole. Spreading the sand with my foot revealed a beautiful white gold, diamond engagement ring. The ring that Jeremiah had placed on her finger 3 years before. As it shown in the light from my headlamp, Brittany snatched it up. Cheers from the four of us broke the tense silence. Then “The Ring Dance” started. High fives, hugs and laughter ensued. We don’t find them all, but it sure feels good when we do.

Jeremiah, Thank You for your service to our country. Brittany, Jeremiah and John, Thank You for the hansom reward. Good luck in your futures.