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Smartwatch found underwater, Pleasants Landing Marina, Lake Anna, VA

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

November 9th: Found and returned a Samsung smartwatch lost in October.

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It was a warm October 21st, so I decided to do some underwater detecting at Pleasant’s Landing on Lake Anna, Virginia.

Pleasants landing serves as a park and a marina. Shaped like Florida with over 2,600 feet of Lake Frontage, there is lots of room for all lake activities. Pleasants Landing is one of two public beaches on Lake Anna with the other being at Lake Anna State Park.

Upon arrival, I met Mike and Esmond and asked if I could do some shallow diving. They gave me permission and pointed out that it was good timing due to less boat traffic around the docks. Just off the beach, I found modern coins, sunglasses, and fishing weights. I found nothing of value, but it’s still a fun way to keep up my skills.


Before my second tank, I met and spoke with the marina service manager, Vincent. He told me there were a couple of boat gas caps right off the fueling dock. I did a quick exploration around the dock area and picked up some fishing rods, sunglasses, two gas caps, and a large watch. After the dive, I showed the staff my finds and gave Vincent the gas caps to be reused if at all possible. It wasn’t until I got home and washed the layer of muck off the watch that I discovered a Samsung smartwatch.

Unfortunately, the battery had run out and I had no way to trace the owner. I took me a while, but I finally figured out how to use reverse wireless charging with my phone to charge the watch. After a few phone calls, I was able to contact Joey, the owner of the watch. He couldn’t believe someone found his watch and had given up on ever seeing it again. We were able to meet up at Pleasant’s Landing where I was able to return the watch.

Esmond, Joey, and Rob

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