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Found and Returned at Siesta Key Sarasota, Florida

On Labor Day weekend, Eduardo and his family had just one hour left before checkout time at their hotel on the Gulf of Mexico. They decided to take a last quick swim before packing up and leaving for the trip home. He was standing about waist deep and decided to kneel down to cover his upper body with cool water. As he went down, his hands pushed into the sand and when he stood up, he had lost his 19 year old wedding ring. The family looked for as long as they could before having to leave and check out but could not fine the ring.

Eduardo was devastated and brooded for about a week before remembering a story he heard about someone’s ring being found and returned after three years by a metal detectorist. He began looking for someone who might do the same for him. On September 15 he found the SRARC on Ring Finders and sent an email requesting our help. Mike Miller put together a team, Jay and Karen Ganz, and they met Edwardo and his family at the site on September 21. After 2 1/2 hours of hunting and dark approaching we gave up and gave the bad news to the family. We had not found the ring. We let them know that we would return and hunt for the ring another time but that of course did not lift their spirits much.

On the following Monday Mike returned and began hunting slightly North of the previous hunt and within an hour found the ring. He contacted Eduardo and had him come to the club meeting that evening. We returned his ring at the meeting and as you can see he was surprised and delighted.

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