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Metal Detecting Lost Wedding Ring Found in Ohio!

  • from Lancaster (Ohio, United States)

Brandyn is all SMILES that his wedding ring was FOUND!

Me holding the Found wedding ring and my Garrett AT Max Metal Detector!






I received a message from Brandyn near Trimble, Ohio that he had lost his wedding ring and that he had contacted another member of the that had referred me as I was closer to his area. Brandyn said he knew he was out of the counties I had listed (I’m in Lancaster, Ohio so I do Fairfield, Hocking and Perry Counties Ohio) but he was hoping I would make an exception, which I did!  We arranged a day & time that worked for both of us and met at the property!  It was pretty far out in the country in Morgan County & very close to Athens County. Brandyn explained they brushhogged and mowed an area of tall grass. He was working and picking up piles of the grass & weeds & throwing them over a fence and at some point saw his wedding ring was missing! After trying to find it without luck he contacted The Ring Finders website which led to me being there to help!

After showing me the areas where he was working and pointing to the fence by the woods, we hoped it was in the mowed area still and not thrown over, but I was ready to try my best with my Garrett AT Max Waterproof Metal Detector! I started detecting & when I heard ‘that sound’ I knew it had to be it, FOUND within a few minutes! I love this detector and even more handing the ring back to Brandyn! His smile showed how happy he was! It’s rarely that quick so it was a blessing!

If you have lost a ring or jewelry, or something valuable and/or meaningful to you, please contact me!