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Lost Ring Knoxville, TN … Found!

from Knoxville (Tennessee, United States)
Contact: 1-865-394-5200

I received an email January 4th, 2015 from a lady who had lost her wedding ring 8 days ago in her front yard! This is what the email said “Hello Ed, My name is Emily and my husband and I are in desperate need of help finding my wedding ring. We lost it in our front yard 8 days ago, we looked for 2 days on our hands and knees, and then decided to rent a metal detector. Neither one of us with any experience with a metal detector felt like we had figured it out after 4 days of using it, but still no luck. I am 25 and we just got married a year ago…! Way too soon to have to be buying another ring!! We found you on ring finders online, we live in Knoxville, and really hope you can help us!” – Emily
Well…. Look no further, Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman is on the way! I replied to the email and told her that I would be more than happy to come find her ring and assured her that if it’s there I will find it! When I arrived at her home I noticed it was built in the early 1900’s which let me know that the yard was going to be filled with over a 100 years of metal objects and that is why the owners had a very slim chance of ever finding it. I then knocked on the door and introduced myself and talked with her and her husband, which both of them were extremely nice, friendly and a pleasure to talk with as well. I received the details of the ring like where and when they thought she lost it. Reassuring them if it was there I would find it. I then proceeded to grab my Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector and get to it! Within 15 minutes I found a man’s wedding ring and thought that is odd she said she lost her ring. I presented the man’s wedding ring to her and she said that’s not my ring but it’s my husband’s old wedding band that he lost years ago! They had actually forgot about it and were really surprised when I showed it to them! Continuing with my search about one hour later I recovered the beautiful white gold and diamonds wedding ring! I immediately presented it to her and her husband and they could not believe it! They were overwhelmed with the joy and happiness of having her wedding ring recovered! The couple thanked me about 10 times and were both ecstatic to have both of their wedding rings once again!