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Late fathers gold signet ring lost while gardening

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

We received a call through The Ring Finders. This gentleman was out gardening and cleaning up the yard when he noticed his ring was missing. He searched but the vegetation and leaves made it extremely difficult to find. He wasn’t sure if it was lost on the ground, in the house or even in the leaf bags he was filling. He went through two full bags and still no ring. He inherited this ring from his late father and he passed away only two months prior. This ring meant a lot to him. When we started our search we noticed there was a lot of metal tones with red hydro flags. It took Eric and I about 20 minutes, by this time we both had a small handful of false gold signals. My coil passed over a solid 13 target ID number, I moved the leaves and imbedded in the ground was this golden O. It must have been stepped on but I found it! I went to the door and told him to come outside and take a look. I show him the exact spot and he immediately picks it up and smiled with relief.. It was right were he was working and pilling branches. Again a few tears escaped my eyes with joy! Another successful ring return! I Love being a ring finder!