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Ring lost on Oneida Lake — FOUND

from Syracuse (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-315-652-6996

I received a 911 from the head lifeguard at Oneida Shores Beach that a person had lost his ring while in the water.  He was still at the beach so I told the life guard that I would be there in 15 minutes so keep the person there so that I could interview him.   The search was short and this video is also short, but the smiles were big and long.  Another ring reunited with the rightful owner.  Enjoy.



1946 Class ring lost in Oneida Lake — FOUND

from Syracuse (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-315-652-6996

Most of us members of “The Ring Finders” hunt beaches, etc. on days when we don’t have a client for a ring search and this is a story about one of those days.

I went to one of my local beaches on Oneida Lake last week just for recreational purposes and I found a high school class ring in waist deep water deep in the sand.  Now it is quite easy to find the owner of class rings as most all of the rings have the year of graduation (1946), the school (Onondaga Valley High), and also most times the initials (BB) inside the ring. When I got home I started researching the school etc. and with the help of our local library we found the name of the owner (Barbara). Unfortunately the owner had passed away in 2005 but we found an obit of her and in that obit was listed the names of her two children.  Upon further investigation we found out the phone number of her son David who now lives in Colorado.  I called him and to make sure he was indeed the son of my ring owner I asked him some questions about his mother and his answers insured me that I had indeed found the right person.  That night I boxed up the ring and sent it out to him via USPS Priority Mail and the ring was delivered two days later, the Saturday before Memorial Day.

On Thursday May 30th, the real Memorial Day, I received a call from David and he was thrilled on receiving his mothers school class ring and he told me  that no one in his family knew that his mother even had a school ring. Because the ring was almost new, I told him that most likely Barbara lost the ring in 1946, so of course no one would have known about it. David then told me the following.

His (David’s) niece and his mother (Barbara) had a special connection before his mother passed away, and his niece took her grandmothers passing hard.  Recently his niece announced that she was getting married next January and was starting to plan her wedding.  Now most brides want to wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” When David got the ring he had a light bulb moment. He called his niece and offered the ring to her and his niece was blown away.  YES”.  So next January a young beautiful bride is going to walk down the isle wearing “something old” during her wedding – her grandmothers school class ring.  All is well in the world today —-Memorial Day 2018.

As of this writing I’m hoping that soon I will receive a picture of Davids “smile” and his testimonial so that I can upload it to this site, and then hopefully I will receive a picture of his niece in her wedding gown next January with a even bigger smile on her face showing the ring.

See the video of finding the ring here –

Ring lost on Grand Cayman, FOUND

from Syracuse (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-315-652-6996

I was on vacation on Grand Cayman, and while enjoying myself metal detecting, I was flagged down by the beach attendant.  She said that a lady just up the beach had just lost a ring and would I help her find her ring. YES, as I’m a member of “The Ring Finders” that is what we do.

Anyway the attendant pointed out the young lady on the beach, I introduced myself and found the ring on the first scoop.  Because I did not have my Go Pro on my person, the “find” was not video taped, but I went back to my wife further down the beach, got my  Go Pro and returned to interview the young lady.

This video shows my interview of her, on the beach.

Great find, please enjoy.