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White Gold and Diamond Anniversary Ring Found and Returned, Myrtle Beach SC

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I had just crawled into bed Sunday evening when I heard my cell phone ringing in the next room. I did not get to the phone in time. I saw the call was from Ohio. Checking voicemail and texts, but there were no messages. Deciding to ignore it, I crawled back into bed. 10 minutes later I heard the phone ringing again. Annoyed I jumped out of bed to answer the phone. Jim Wren, TRF North Myrtle Beach, was on the other end telling me I had a ring search in the Myrtle Beach area. He told me the lady was desperate. With a little bit of sarcasm I replied, “They all are”. I asked Jim if he wanted to do the search. He said he would contact her and see what was up and that he would send me a text to let me know what he did. The next morning, I checked my text messages to find a message from Jim. He explained that he did not go out because the ring was lost near the water’s edge at low tide and was then under water.

I sent Niki a text to follow up. She returned my text with a phone call and explained that she was getting ready to leave town to return home. Explaining to her that it was high tide and that the ring was under water was not what she wanted to hear. I did tell her that I would chase the tide down later that afternoon, but that I wanted to meet with her before she got out of town. She had to get on the road to make work that evening, but her daughter Alexa would be here for a couple more hours. I met with Alexa a couple hours later to get a good idea of their position on the beach the day before. Alexa was a big help. She told me that the ring could be on the top of the beach as well.

I returned to the beach at 2:30. Picturing a 65 yard square grid, I got to work with my trust Minelab CTX 30-30. I worked the top of the beach for an hour allowing the tide to recede a little more. There were several people on the beach that afternoon. While working my grid I would draw a circle with my sand scoop around the camped out beach goers and keep moving. Explaining to them what I was doing held back any frustration as to why I was in their space. The tide had gone down a bit more, so I decided to move to the water’s edge. I was working parallel to the water when on my third gridline I got a nice 12:05 signal at 5” deep on the CTX. I knew this would probably be her ring. It was! As I picked it up out of the sand I could see a few of the beach goers watching me from their chairs. I nodded to them with confirmation that I had found Niki’s anniversary ring. They stood and cheered the successful result. “The Ring Dance”. On returning to my truck I shot a picture and texted it to 3 different phones that I had acquired for Niki’s group. Sitting in the passenger seat Niki got my message and screamed so loud she scared the “Stuff” out of everybody in the car. My phone began to “bling” with all of the excited responses. “The text message ‘Ring Dance”!

Niki’s anniversary ring is now back on her finger in Ohio. What she thought was gone forever now has an additional story to it’s credit. The 25 years anniversary ring that husband Steven gave her last year is back where it belongs. And any grumpiness that I had the night before was replaced with joy for everybody.

’til next time.


Humdinger! White gold and diamond ring Lost and Returned In Myrtle Beach.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I was trying to wrap up Friday’s work when I got a phone call from Queen. She had lost a very special ring at the water’s edge about an hour before. I explained the incoming tide would have it covered up and that we should wait a couple hours for the tide to turn and go back down. We made arrangements to meet in 2 hours and I should be able to find it in short order.

I met Queen on the beach and she walked me to the area she lost the ring while scooping up a daughter from the surf. She was very certain of the area. I fired up my Excalibur and walked north about 20 feet and entered the water. I had taken only two steps when I got a tone in the phones that knocked my ears off. I missed the target with the first try and repositioned for a different angle. Scoop number 2 had the target. I swear, I think my sand scoop weighed more than it really should. My eyes bugged out of my head when I looked into the scoop. I walked about 30 feet up out of the trough and handed Queen her very large ring. Queen shouted with joy and exclaimed “Wow, Two scoops”. I responded “Just like Raisin Bran”. She was one happy lady. The smile tells the rest.

Queen, thank you for the very generous reward. Traveling Mercies back to Atlanta.


Man’s Titanium Wedding Band Recovered in Myrtle Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone call from Jim Wren (TRF North Myrtle Beach) about a young man that lost his wedding band on the beach. I called Paul back to get his location. I told him I would be there in 30 minutes.

I met Paul at the beach where he and his partner were staying. On the way to the location, Paul explained that he thinks he lost it in a small area around their towels. He then added that he may have lost it in a larger area where they were playing volleyball. I could see where they had tried to dig around the towels with their hands. I fired up the CTX 30-30 and went to work. It did not take long to exhaust the small area around the towels. We now had a larger area to work. Paul showed me an area where they were hitting the volleyball back and forth. I worked a grid over that area with no luck. Expanding the grid again, I got a hard medium tone in the phones and the numbers on the interface told me this should be what we came to find. It was! After sending the sand scoop to the target I walked over to Paul so he could remove the ring himself.  With a great big smile of relief he retrieved his prize.

Paul, thank you for a generous reward. Traveling Mercies back to Minnesota.

White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Found and Returned Surfside Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a voice mail Saturday morning from Kimberly. Listening to the message I could hear her voice crack with emotion. I called her back to start the process of the where, when and how questions. She had lost her engagement ring the afternoon before while throwing a ball on the beach. She had lost it at the water’s edge near high tide. That is always a good thing regarding a ring search at the beach. Kimberly and her husband Joe, along with several friends were on the beach when I called her. I told her to stay put and I would meet her in 30 minutes.

When I got to the beach I met Joe, Kimberly’s husband. Joe started explaining the area of loss and where the tide line was the day before. Coming up from the water Kimberly joined in on the conversation. Emotionally she was like a duck on the water, calm on the surface, but I could tell she was paddling like heck underneath. They explained an area that would be approximately 25 yards wide by 250 yards long. I had everybody present rub their left earlobe for good luck. After an hour and a half I exhausted the area, including asking several beach goers if I might get them to move so I could search the area they were camped on. I rarely get any negative responses from these people when I explain what I am doing. Having covered every bit of the grid area I walked the couple hundred yards back to Kimberly and company. I asked if she was absolutely sure she lost her ring on the beach. Her answer was “No”. This surely starts putting doubts in my mind.  They both expressed thanks for giving it a try. I asked where they were the day before with all the chairs and stuff. Joe pointed to an area in about the middle of the grid search. I decided to spend a few more minutes working that area above the slope and below the original grid to see if she may have lost it where they were sitting, or out in the water. Eliminating the upper slope I moved to the lower beach. I made 6 more grid lines toward ocean edge. Mentally I told myself the ring was not there and this would be my last line. At the end of that line I planted my sand scoop and started to turn off my CTX 30-30. As I started to lift the coil from the sand to turn off the machine I got a signal. Looking at my interface screen a 12:02 was flashing. “Foil” I thought, but decided to check it out. I dug a small scoop of sand and brushed it with my foot revealing a beautiful white gold diamond ring. Looking down the beach I saw Joe watching from 70 yards away. I rubbed my left earlobe to signal that I had Kimberly’s ring. She passed Joe in a sprint to where I was standing. She looked at the ring I was holding, put her hands on her knees and began crying tears of joy. “The Ring Dance” Applause and shouts from several beach goers erupted as everybody understood what just happened. It took Kimberly a few moments to compose herself enough to take the prize from my hand. Several tearful hugs later, and a Bro Hug from Joe, I was able to get some pictures for the story. The ring story that started 3 years ago gets to continue on Kimberly’s finger. The ring we all thought was gone forever. God is Good!

Kim and Joe, Thank You for trusting The Ring Finders with this search.


Found White Gold Wedding Ring Set Plus Bonus Ring In Myrtle Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a phone call from Jim Wren (TRF North Myrtle Beach)at 7:45 PM. with a referral call about a ring set lost in the dry sand in Myrtle Beach. Getting the contact information from Jim, I called Michelle right away. Michelle explained that she had lost her ring set earlier in the day and was trying to explain to me where she lost them. I asked if she was still in town. The group was eating dinner and headed home immediately afterward. I told her to not leave town and to meet me at the beach when they were finished with dinner.

I met Michelle, Sevena, CourDe and the rest of the crew on the beach as we walked to the location of the lost rings. Michelle had placed her rings in a pair of shorts pockets and when they picked the shorts up the rings found the powder dry sand. Michelle was distraught to say the least. I started what would be a 40 foot by 30 foot grid. Exhausting that, I asked where next. Sevena pointed the direction. Just outside the original grid I got a very strange signal. I was having great difficulty pin pointing the target. My CTX 30-30 was trying to overload. This generally means a can or some other large target. However, the Target Trace feature on the CTX kept indicating something else on my interface screen. Scooping just a small amount of sand revealed Michelle’s engagement ring. Working near the same hole I kept working thru the overload signal and followed the Target Trace on my screen. I dug another small amount of sand but missed the target. I did catch a glimpse of something shiny in the hole and plucked out a small silver ring. I asked Michelle if it was her wedding band. She said no. CourDe was looking at the ring and said it was hers. CourDe did not even realize that she had lost her ring. Returning to the hole CourDe saw another glimpse of shine and plucked out Michelle’s wedding band. Everybody commenced doing “The Ring Dance”. Everybody was happy for Michelle as they told me she was inconsolable at dinner. These rings get to continue their story that started 3 years ago. What a great and lively group of people they were.

Michelle and Sevena, Thank You so much for the generous reward, and thanks for trusting The Ring Finders with this search.

White Gold Heirloom Wedding Band Returned In Myrtle Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

A couple weeks ago, I received a call from Jennifer. It was 2 days before she had lost her heirloom white gold engagement ring and wedding band. Jennifer had lost them in the surf while throwing a football with her son and husband. (Left Handed).This ring set belonged to her grandmother Helen.  Jennifer’s mother had been presented the rings on her 50th birthday. Helen gave instructions to pass the vintage ring set to Jennifer on her 50th birthday. I was very cognizant of the sentimental value of these rings. Talking to Jennifer, she gave me very good information on where she felt the rings would be in relation to tides and area on the beach. Jennifer and family had a fishing charter trip the next day. I headed to the beach without meeting them there. Somehow I missed the tide time on the charts and showed up an hour and a half after the correct time for low tide. Also, the parking meter was not accepting credit cards, so I could only hobble together enough change for an hour and a half search time. I was very frustrated with myself for not being better prepared. The following day I met Jennifer, her husband Mark and their son, on the beach. I had a better fix on the tides and a fist full of quarters for the meter. Prepared Right? After searching for a few minutes I realized I had not plugged any money into the meter, so poor Mark was running back and forth to the parking meter every hour as I searched for the prized ring set. After about 30 minutes I got a great signal on the Excalibur II and scooped a beautiful wedding band laced with diamonds. I motioned for Jennifer. She and Mark joined me in the shallow surf to confirm that I had found the wedding band. We are half way home. Logic would say that the engagement ring would be within feet of the band. I grid and cross grid this area for the next hour. I expanded the grid twice over the next hour with no luck. Losing my low tide window I told them I would return in the next couple days to give it another try. Jennifer and family returned home the next day with one ring and not two. I have since returned to this area 3 more times trying to complete our mission and have failed each time. This is the first time on a multiple ring search that I have returned only one. It really is bitter sweet for everybody concerned. I have not given up on the second ring, but for now the story remains as is. Hopefully I will be able to tell “The Rest of The Story”

Jennifer and Mark, keep rubbing that left earlobe.

Found 14k Gold Engagement and Wedding Band Set. Huntington Beach State Park, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a phone call Saturday night from Shannon about her lost engagement and wedding band soldered set. Shannon was at the beach the day before with her family. Her Ring set was in a cup holder attached to the beach umbrella. The yellow gold ring set found its way to the powder dry sand after a large wind gust sent the umbrella for a ride. This action caused the wedding band set, a cellphone and a watch to be ejected from the holder. They picked up the phone and watch not thinking about Shannon’s wedding rings. That night she realized that the ring set was missing and remembered having put it in the umbrella stand. After talking about the loss, Shannon and I made arrangements to meet the next morning at the State Park.

I met Shannon and her father the next morning in the parking area near to where she lost her rings. Shannon led the way to the beach. She stood on a spot saying they were about here. I backed up about 10 feet and started my grid search as I walked toward Shannon. She moved out of my way so I could go to work. I walked about 12 feet and got to where Shannon was originally standing. I got a great signal and told her it was going to be her ring or a pull tab. My pin pointer finished the search to her wedding ring set.  All was right again with the world. Shannon had her wedding ring back on her finger. I asked Shannon if that would get her out of  the dog house. She told me she had not told Carson, her husband of 5 years, yet. I’m sure that it became a “funny thing happened at the beach yesterday” story.

Shannon, Thank You for trusting The Ring Finders with this search, and Thank You for the generous reward.

Tungsten Wedding Band Found and Returned In Myrtle Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Once again I got a phone call from Jim Wren TRF about a ring lost in Myrtle Beach. Jim sent me the contact information and I returned Lisa’s phone call. We made arrangements to meet at the beach the next morning to get a low tide window to search for her husband Rob’s wedding band. Meeting Lisa, Rob and friends on the beach I had them all rub their left earlobes for good luck. Rob then walked with me down to the water’s edge as he explained how he lost the ring catching a football. Like Frodo’s ring, it glistened in the sunlight just before disappearing into to waste deep water. I searched for this ring for a couple hours with no luck. I walked up to the group and told them that I was through for the day. They told me they were going to be going home the next morning. “That’s okay” I told them as I assured them I was going to return a couple more times as I felt the ring was still there to be found. Two days later I returned at low tide. After a couple hours of searching I was defeated again. I really felt like that ring was there so it was hard to walk away. Nearly a week later I was talking with Jim Wren about some of our recent searches. Jim had not had a search for a week or so and was bored sitting around the house. I told him that I was going to revisit this location the next day and asked if he wanted to join me. He jumped at the chance. We met at the time and place the next morning and went to work. I used my sand scoop to draw a line in the sand toward the water indicating the center of our search area. I picked one side and he took the other. Working perpendicular to the tide line we entered the water. On our 4th grid line I notice Jim digging a target. He looked up and nodded toward the beach. Sure enough, he had Rob’s wedding band. I sent Lisa a picture and asked if it looked familiar. It did not take her but seconds to respond with a capital YEAH! Jim and I hung on the beach for a few more minutes when Jim asked “Don’t you just hate that”. What I asked. When you ask somebody for help on a ring search and they find it instead of you. “Well yes” but after spending 2 days in the water I was looking for some help. Jim and I both have found rings for each other on more than one occasion. Either way, I’ll take the win. Jim, I think I owe you one.

Rob and Lisa have the wedding band she put on his finger 23 years ago. Amazed smiles tell the rest of the story.


Lady’s Lovely Engagement Ring Found and Returned in Myrtle Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I started the morning off as usual checking emails and text messages on Tuesday morning. I noticed an email on my phone. Daniela reached out to me for some help locating her white gold engagement ring that she lost on Sunday. She left a phone number that was for her office in Connecticut. I left a voice mail, then sent her an email as well. That was probably a good thing as I was under the assumption that she had returned home from her vacation in Myrtle Beach. Daniela called me back shortly afterwards and explained all the incidentals to the loss of the ring. Daniela lost her ring in the shallow water near high tide. I explained with confidence that I should be able to locate this ring if it has not already been found by another metal detectorist.

I arrived at the location that afternoon around 1:30 to chase the last hour of a falling tide. When I spoke with Daniela earlier in the day, I told her to rub her left earlobe and say a prayer around 2:00. I mentally pictured the search area as 80 yards by 25 yards to the water’s edge. I ran the 80 yard grid line leaving a heavy mark in the sand with my sand scoop. I turned around to walk the 80 yards back, 5 feet from the last grid line, making sure to overlap my swing pattern. On the return path there was a lady digging a large hole in the sand to create a tidal pool for her little children. I joked with her about finding lost treasure as I passed by. I was about 10 feet past her when I got that beautiful mid tone in the earphones of the Excalibur II. Sending the scoop to the target and dumping the contents onto the beach the lady digging the hole watched intently. I kicked the sand to spread it out. As I did this lovely engagement ring jumped from the sand pile and bounce across the sand. As I picked up the engagement ring I audibly said to myself “This is why we do what we do”. The lady digging the hole in the sand asked what I meant by that. I explained to her what I was doing and why I was there. I then told her about the wonderful group called The Ring Finders and what it has done to help people all over the world be reunited with the precious treasures that they thought were gone forever. I called Daniela from the parking lot near my truck and asked if she indeed rubbed her earlobe for luck. As she told me that she had, I told her it must have worked because I had her engagement ring in my pouch. She told me that she would be right down to meet me. Again, I thought she had returned back home. It was a lovely surprise to be able to hand this ring back to her in person. As we talked, I sent her husband David a text with a picture of the ring. I told him that I just proposed to Daniela. She was excited to say the least as she stared at the ring on her shaking hand. The Ring that her husband David placed there 12 years ago. With Daniela, David and daughter Lexi’s vacation saved, I left the beach with a smile. Daniela, thank you for the opportunity to help you with this ring search, and thank you for the generous reward. I wish you and your family “Traveling Mercies” back to Connecticut.