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Ladies Engagement Ring Found and Returned in Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

As the saying would go “Around your behind to scratch your elbow” rings true in this ring search. I got a phone call from Jim Wren (TRF North Myrtle Beach) on Wednesday. Jim had gotten a call from Berenice, who had gotten his number from Joe Denton. Joe is a local Minelab representative. Berenice had originally called Joe to rent a metal detector. She explained to him that she had just lost her engagement ring on the beach in the dry sand. Joe had told her about Jim and The Ring Finders and gave her Jim’s number. Being that the ring was lost In Myrtle Beach Jim called me and gave me Berenice’s number.

After calling Berenice, I met her at the beach 45 minutes later. Berenice pointed out the spot where she and her fiance Austin were lounging on the sand. Earlier in the day Berenice had placed her engagement ring in Austin’s hat for safe keeping. Returning from a swim, Austin grabbed a towel and upset his hat dumping the ring into the sand. They did not realize this happened until they got back to their hotel room. I started a circle grid search from point 0 and had not made it thru 3 rotations when I got that beautiful gold tone in my Minelab CTX headphones. A careful scoop of sand and a gentle sifting revealed Berenice’s engagement ring. Smiles and hugs ensued. Austin just returned from the room to find out the good news. Berenice showed him the found treasure.

Thanks to all that helped The Ring Finders return this soon to be bride’s engagement ring. Berenice and Austin, Thanks for trusting us to find your lost treasure. Good luck in your future. This ring has started with story and a great ending.

Found Ladies White Gold and Diamond wedding Band In Myrtle Beach, Returned!

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a very anxious phone call from Janice on Wednesday. Janice just lost her wedding band on the beach and was about to come unglued. Janice told me how she had taken her ring off to apply sunscreen and placed it on the arm of her beach chair. Our local lifeguard then asked them to back up their chairs and umbrella so he could see the entire beach. During this process the ring hit the powder dry sand and quickly disappeared. They searched for about an hour in the 25′ square area with no luck. Janice did a web search on “How to find a lost ring in the sand” and found The Ring Finders Directory. She told me she had not left the beach and that she was not allowing anybody to sit in this area.

Arriving at the beach 30 minutes later I called Janice to let her know I was there. Looking down the beach I noticed people waving to me and rightly guessed that to be the anxious lady and her family. They had a 25′ square drawn in the sand and were ready for me to put a smile back on Janice’s face. I had them all rub their left earlobe for good luck and started to work. Searching from where the chairs were, back to their present location, I could see Janice fretting with each grid pass. Almost to the chairs I got that lovely tone in the phones. I told Janice that her ring was right there and asked her if she wanted to do the honors of uncovering it. Her husband Jerry looked on and encouraged her but she just couldn’t bare to look. I sent the scoop into the sand very carefully and lightly sifted the sand away to reveal her beautiful diamond encrusted white gold wedding band. The very ring that her husband Jerry placed on her finger 27 years ago. Janice came forward and took the ring from my hand and then commenced to do “The Ring Dance”. Tears, laughter and hugs, I love the ring dance. Vacation saved!

Janice and Jerry Thank you for the generous reward and trusting me to do this search. I wish you traveling mercies back to Cleveland Tenn. I wish you another happy 27 years.

Man’s Wedding Band Found and Returned! Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

So this post has been needing to happen for a couple weeks now.

I woke up early Friday morning, with sleep still in my eyes, I noticed that I had a text message on my phone. Getting my first cup of coffee I also noticed that I had several severe weather alerts on my phone as we are under tornado warnings for most of the day. I looked at the text from Brittni explaining the loss of her husband Paul’s wedding band the day before. Paul was throwing a foot ball with son Connor. As Paul caught the football in the shin deep water he felt his wedding band fall off. As he saw the ring disappear with the next wave he realized the ring was gone. I called Brittni back and ended up with Paul on the line. They were schedule to fly back to Chicago that night, as this was the last day of their vacation. After checking the radar forecast I saw that we would have about an hour window between thunderstorms coinciding with a low tide. Perfect!

Driving to meet Paul, Brittni and Connor at the beach, it is dumping buckets. As I pulled into the appointed parking lot the heavens opened and the sun shown thru. After walking to the spot on the beach with the family I had them rub their left earlobe for luck. I began the grid search at the water’s edge. After a 45 minute search I got a great signal in ankle deep water. I missed the ring twice with the sand scoop as the target was deeper than I expected. The third try revealed Paul,s beautiful tungsten carbide wedding band in the scoop. As I walked from the water Paul and Brittni were moving toward me. I held out the scoop and had Paul remove his ring. “Let The Ring Dance commence! High fives, hugs and smiles all around. After a few pictures and some small chat we moved to our vehicles. As I drove out of the parking lot it began to rain again. The weather man was spot on. Paul was too as he put me on the location of his wedding band.

Paul and Brittni, Thank You for the generous reward and trusting The Ring Finders to help you.