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Platinum Anniversary Ring Found And Returned Myrtle Beach SC

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Saturday night was Deardra’s last night in town as she was winding down her vacation time in Myrtle Beach. Walking on the beach that evening she lost her 1 year anniversary ring. It was not a way to end her enjoyable time at the beach. She fretted about her loss as she returned home to North Carolina. Deardra found The Ring Finders online and reached out to me Sunday night. Explaining to me the loss of her special treasure, she told me she dropped it somewhere near the stairs of her resort. She lost it in the dry sand so tides were not involved. At one point in our conversation she mentioned reaching into her back pocket for a phone, to answer a call. She told me she had walked up to place a plastic bottle in the recycle bin. She felt certain that is where she dropped her ring.

I arrived to the beach at sunrise. I had an hour and a half window before a business meeting I had in the neighborhood. Cross gridding a 30 yard square in front of the access stairs, I had no luck. I expanded the grid twice more. While searching the area I noticed a trash can next to the stairs, but no recycle can. Thinking about her telling me about placing her bottle in the can, I began to wonder. I started looking for the recycle bin and noticed that the next resort to the south had one. With 20 minutes left in my time window I walked 200 yards to the next hotel beach access, to where the container sat. I had 15 minutes to close the deal, or I would have to return another time. About 30 feet from the recycle can I got I nice signal on my CTX 30-30. In my sand scoop the gleaming treasure stared up at me. I sent a picture of the ring to Deardra’s phone and hurried to my meeting. She texted me back in the middle of the meeting, that indeed it was her precious prized possession. The mail man returned her ring to her three days later.

Deardra, thank you for the generous donation.