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Lost rings found and returned on Del Mar beach

  • from Del Mar (California, United States)

August 7, 2015  Here’s one for the books. I was hunting in the dry sand around 15th street in Del Mar on Sunday the 2nd when Mike approached me and asked if I had found his tungsten wedding band. I was hunting right in the area where he had lost it the previous day during an outing with his family. I told him I had not, but would be happy to look for it. I had been hunting all morning so I could only put in another 30 minutes or so before I had to head home. I got his information and told him I’d look for it the next day. Well the next morning I found it a couple hours after arriving at the beach. Mike was surfing that day and actually met me on the beach before I started my search but I couldn’t find him before I had to leave so I texted him with the good news and we agreed to meet the next day. Now here’s where it gets good. On Tuesday morning I receive a text from Mike. He has a high fever and asks if I can hang on for a couple days until he feels better. Wednesday afternoon I receive a text and he asks if we can meet on Thursday. Unfortunately I can’t meet that day but Friday will work, he agrees. Later that day I get another text and he tells me he was talking to his sister in law Dianna about my finding his ring and she tells him that she had lost hers as well, wading in the water and wanted to know if I had come across it. She sent him a picture and he forwarded it. I HAVE IT!! I found it the day I met Mike. It’s a big beautiful silver and turquoise number. So, cut to the chase, Friday morning I return both rings to Mike. I gotta tell ya, that was a thrill. His 10 year anniversary is coming up and he was really happy to have his ring back. Congratulations Mike. Thanks for the nice reward and I hope to see you on the beach again sometime (Not wearing your ring!!).  He’ll be mailing Dianna’s ring back to her, I’m hoping to get a picture from her.

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Diamond Wedding Ring lost and returned on Wind N Sea beach

  • from Del Mar (California, United States)


So we’ve all heard this story before,  The little family outing on the beach, Mom takes off her wedding ring to apply sunscreen on the Kid. She puts the ring on a towel to keep it safe and the rest is history. Well that’s Ryan and Fadras story. The ring was lost at Wind N Sea beach in a little cove in the dry sand. I met Ryan after he got off work on Monday, April 6th right around sunset. He was a little skeptical that we were going to find it and so was I because it was hunted two nights before by a very reputable detectorist. But we did find it. It was about 10 inches down and I needed to use my pin pointer because it gave a very weak signal. When I pulled it out of the hole and put it in Ryans hand he was totally amazed. He really enjoyed seeing the search process in action and was very grateful. After reuniting Fadra with her ring, he snapped these pics and sent them to me. Thanks guys for the nice reward. I hope your future visits to the beach result in much more fun and a lot less stress:)

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Platinum ring lost and returned at Del Mar

  • from Del Mar (California, United States)

Last weekend I was enjoying a morning hunt on the beach at Del Mar when Hilda approached me and asked if I had found a silver/platinum wedding ring belonging to her husband Jesse which was lost on the beach the day before.  He was swimming and boogie boarding in the surf just in front of the hotel where he and his family were staying on their vacation from Ann Arbor, MI.   I noticed Hilda at the waters edge very obviously upset which made me determined to give this search my best shot.  After assuring them that there was a good possibility the ring could be found, and that I would help them find it, I started gridding the dry sand around the chairs and umbrellas they had set up the day before.   Then I proceeded to grid parallel to the surf starting in the dry sand and working progressively into the water.   About 15 feet into the surf I got that low tone I was hoping to hear and after a couple scoops a beautiful plain platinum band was in my possession.   From beginning to end the search couldn’t have take more than 30 minutes.  The best of it was the expression on Hilda’s face when I gave her back this precious item which I know she thought was lost forever.  Then there were lots of hugs and handshakes from a really appreciative couple.  Long story short: I have found and returned many items to their owners over the years but this experience with Hilda and Jesse was special and has inspired me to join The Ring Finders.  This organization provides an essential service and I’m really glad to be part of it.  I’m looking forward to many more happy returns.  Thanks Hilda and Jesse for the inspiration and generous reward.  It was so nice to meet you.