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Blairsville, Georgia…….. Lost Ring

  • from Talking Rock (Georgia, United States)

Hello to everyone. Greg Bradford here with a funny recovery story. A few weeks back I got a call from a really nice customer in North Georgia who’d lost his beautiful Rose Gold wedding band while doing some landscape and yard work at his house. I showed up early on a Saturday morning and met with him. After some small talk, I asked him to retrace his steps so I would have a good starting point to begin looking (I hadn’t even pulled out my detector yet…..). So…… as he is backtracking his prior days work, I’m slowly walking behind him surveying the area. He walks over to his outside garden hose nozzle and continues to explain every step he made the previous day. While walking behind him, I caught a slight glimmer of a shiny object deep in his nice grass lawn. I reached down, pick up this object and, well……. I think you can figure it out from there, lol. I waked over to him, said, “I think I’m about to make your day, hold your hand out”.  I drop his beautiful ring into his open hand and the look on his face was priceless. He was like, ARE YOU SOME MAGICIAN OR SOMETHING…….. (or something to that effect). He was in disbelief (and I was too a little bit…. haha). Anyway, thought I’d share this neat story with everyone. It was a great day for all (and I just had to pull out my awesome detector for the photo, show him how it works, even though it wasn’t used to find his ring 🙂 . Take care and God Bless.
-Greg Bradford

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