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Naples FL — Lost Ring Found and Returned!

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Lowdermilk Park, Naples Florida — Tulio was swimming and playing ball with friends in the warm Gulf waters of a local Naples beach when he saw his wedding ring fly off and sink into the water below.  After Tulio and his friends searched for the ring themselves with no success, he found our metal detecting services on the Ring Finder web site and contacted us the next morning.

Since he was working and could not meet us at the Naples beach, we exchanged several phone calls and text messages to narrow down the search location as much as possible.  The tide was high upon our arrival and after two hours of searching, we still had not located the ring.  Tulio then sent a satellite image where he had marked a large area where he thought the ring could be.  With our search area expanded and the lower tide, I was able to search deeper.  After the third hour had passed, I finally saw the lost gold wedding band (inscribed with he and his wife’s name) in my scoop.

We sent a picture of the ring to Tulio and arrangements were made to meet the next day so we could return the ring.