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Lost Ring Avon, NC… FOUND

  • from Avon (North Carolina, United States)

Hello everybody my name is Nathan Williams. I am an avid metal detectorists and love metal detecting for several reasons. But mainly to turn people’s worst days and worst nightmares and to the best days of their lives being reunited with their precious heirloom or engagement ring or wedding band whatever it may be I will not stop until you either find it in a place where you misplaced it or I find it where you said you had misplaced it rather is the beach and the grass had a store at the cottage wherever it may be the matter the circumstances I will be at your service. Even if it was a heated argument after a night of a few drinks don’t be ashamed I am here to assist you in recovering your precious personal items. Not to judge you because we all make mistakes. I do this on reward bases Not flat rate like most people. Reward me for my service and dedication and hard work finding your item and what it’s worth me finding it for you and turning a rather horrible day in vacation into a long lasting memory. I use the most cutting edge technologically advanced metal detecting equipment. Which I haven’t put a dent in on the money made paid out of my pocket. I do charge a initial fee that is $25-30 for gas and expenses…. Also we have a document you sign stating the area where you lost it what you lost and description and pretty much covering me on my end that if is damaged in the process that it’s not my fault…. Thanks. I’m a dedicated and very extremely knowledgeable metal detectorist…..