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Wedding Ring Lost in Hood River – Found by The Ring Finders

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

Newlyweds Evan & Irene spent the day at the Hood River Event Center on the Columbia River. While standing near a railing Irene adjusted her rings and they slipped off and over an 8′ wall to the grass and gravel below. Evan quickly found the engagement ring but they were not as lucky while searching for the dainty band. After 2hrs he thought of renting a metal detector and ‘The Ring Finders’ popped up in a google search. I arrived a bit later and promptly grabbed my Makro Gold Racer. Successfully searching for rings is a learned skill requiring specialized equipment and adjustments tailored to the various targets. I believe the Makro Gold is the best suited machine for dainty gold especially in an area littered with trash. After culling through multiple possible targets a solid ’55’ rang out and I told Evan this is the perfect ID for Irene’s ring; there it was buried amongst the leaves and grass.

Evan & Irene, Thank you for the call and I wish you many years of happiness in your journey of marriage.

Folks, we need to share, often, the worldwide service of ‘The Ring Finders’ so everyone knows their members good works and no one leaves their treasured piece of jewelry behind.