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Ring Found – Lost in the Snow

from Cumberland County (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 610-509-1574

Yesterday I got a call about a lost ring.  The person noticed the ring was missing at work and it was believed to be lost when cleaning snow off his car prior to work.  He went home at lunch and was unable to find the ring as plows had come through and cleaned up the parking lot.  I drove to his apartment that night.  It was probably the coldest we had seen all winter and it was a bit dark out.  I had my trusty AT Gold detector (seems fitting to use it to find a gold ring), my AT Pinpointer, a head lamp, a snow shovel, and was bundled up.


(Sorry for the image quality, it was dark and very cold!  I was eager to get back in my car.)


I started scanning where his car was but it was obvious it wasn’t going to be right there.  Then I made my way to in front of the car where the plow had pushed the snow.  I got two hits that I was fairly certain were not the ring.  I moved snow around anyway to make sure.  Then about 10 minutes from the time I pulled out my detector I was certain I had a good target.  I shoveled a large scoop of snow out onto the parking lot and for a moment couldn’t find the target again.  Then I scanned a large chunk of snowy ice that had rolled away and sure enough I had the signal again.  We started breaking up the chunk and out popped his ring.

As it was fairly close to my house and didn’t take long at all, I refused his offer for gas money and asked that he donate to a charity of his choice.

I love to metal detect (usually not in weather that cold) and love when I find something of value.  In this case the ring was a gift from his mother.



Lost Wedding and Engagement Rings Found Outside Harrisburg PA

from Cumberland County (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 610-509-1574

I received an email late this past Saturday night indicating a woman had lost her Wedding and Engagement Rings.  Her husband was looking for some advice and some help.  He was about to rent a metal detector.  I decided to loan out my second detector and we both searched for the rings.  I was circling out around a campfire ring where they were believed to be lost.  He had started looking and within a few minutes he had found one of her rings.  We move a few feet from the first find and found the second ring.

I was so glad to help this couple.  As I don’t do this as a full time business and didn’t have to travel far, I was happy to help for free.  I asked that they pay it forward, help a friend in need, or donate to a good cause.

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