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He lost his wedding band 60 years ago Hickory North Carolina.

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Received an email a couple weeks ago from Susan about her dad’s wedding band that he had lost in November of 1953 soon after marrying the love of his life. Susan went on to tell me that her dad was sowing grass seed in the front yard, and after going inside to take a shower he noticed the ring was missing. Susan’s dad is now in his mid-80s and has a great memory of what he did that day. Losing his ring weighed on his mind for all these years and he mentioned it again several months back. Susan’s parent’s wedding anniversary was yesterday, Oct 18, and she would have loved to give her dad his original wedding band back on his anniversary but several things stood in the way. First, she needed permission from the new owner of the house where her parents lived in ’53, and secondly, to find someone that would be willing to find the ring for her.  Where can you find someone like that? Susan said her son emailed her a story of a man that found an engagement ring for a lady that had lost her ring gardening  that was picked up by media and a story was run. Who was that man? Chris Turner is his name. He’s the original ring finder owner of THERINGFINDERS.COM a metal detecting service that is nation wide and is in 19 countries and based in BC Canada. Susan called Chris and he had her contact several members in the surrounding states in which she lived. I responded to her email and a date was set for the 18th for the search. I drove the 2 hours to Hickory North Carolina from Greenville South Carolina and met Susan for the search. I looked at some old photos that Susan brought for me to aid in my search. Susan and her parents had moved from the house in 1959 and in 1960 the city widened the road and took some of the front yard for the road. Although the house hasn’t changed, the landscape has, trees, bushes, roadway, and some loads of gravel in the driveway. I started my search and received many targets. I dug everything in the gold signal range. I spent around 4 1/2 hours in my search.  I searched with my Whites V3i metal detector but had no luck. Susan brought her dad out to give us more info on what was done and if he could aid in our search. I used his existing wedding band (exact copy of the original) to get the benchmark on what the signal would be and searched again, but no luck. I was very disappointed in not finding the ring. I can only hope I have a daughter like Susan that would do the same for me. As a ring finder you can only find what is there and I’m glad I can give some closure to Susan and her dad. I was honored to be asked to find this ring and wished for a happier outcome. Even though we didn’t find this ring it still is an incredible love story between a daughter and her dad and having no regrets and peace of mind.

Thanks Susan for the chance to be part of this story.

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Did you lose your ring gardening? Greenville SC

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Did you lose your ring gardening? If you did I may be able to help. It’s that time of year when the leaves start falling and many of us have to start that chore of raking leaves. Many people lose their rings during this time and try to find them by renting a cheap metal detector without success. Many are overwhelmed by the multitude of signals they come across. That is when I come into the picture . I have the experience and the equipment to find that lost ring or  lost item.   Here is a couple steps that may save you  from losing your ring while gardening .

1.Leave your ring in a safe place inside your home, especially if it’s fitting loose.

2. Gloves will not keep you from losing your ring.

3.  Don’t put your rings in a pants pocket or on a chain around your neck. Chains are really weak and can be torn lose without even knowing they have been broken.

Here is a couple steps just in case you lose your ring.

1. If you do lose your ring don’t throw away your yard waste. (Your item may be in the bag or pile you have raked up.)

2.Try to find an honest person to help you look for your lost item.

3. Don’t give up!

4. Tell only people you trust to help you search.

Thanks for looking. Please check out for others that may be able to help you in your area.