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Lost Engagement Ring Found on Baker Beach San Francisco using GPS

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Liam and Sarah with the lost ring

Liam and Sarah with the lost ring, now found

Steph contacted me from Austin, Texas after returning home from a trip to San Francisco. While here, she had enjoyed a day on the beach with friends, and took off her grandmother’s engagement ring to apply sunscreen. She set the ring on the blanket, got distracted, and didn’t notice it was missing until back at the hotel. Steph tried looking the next day, but the ring was lost in the sand.

Steph found Ringfinders a few days later. We planned to meet her friend Sarah at the beach, so that she could show us where to search with our metal detectors. Then Sarah remembered that during the day on the beach, she had used the map feature on her iPhone to send their location to other friends who were on the way. Bingo! The map had GPS coordinates of the blanket’s exact location when the ring was lost!

We met Sarah and her fiance Liam at 7:15pm, a half hour before sunset. It turns out that Liam had also used his phone to send a map to other friends, so we had TWO phones with GPS coordinates of the hunt location! By the time we arrived, Sarah and Liam had already drawn a rectangle defining our search area. We found the ring within five minutes, buried near the center of the rectangle. Way to go, Liam and Sarah!

Immediately Sarah took a photo of the ring, and used her iPhone to send it to Steph. It turns out that Steph was at a wedding reception in Austin, and got very excited when she got the photo. She showed it to everyone at the table, and texted back that she was very happy.

We enjoyed the sunset with Sarah and Liam, then headed home happy.

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Steph's heirloom engagement ring

Steph's heirloom engagement ring

GPS map from Sarah's iPhone

GPS map from Sarah's iPhone