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Gold & Platinum Ring Lost 4 Years Ago – Found by The Ring Finders

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

Elke & Alysia Littleleaf of “Littleleaf Guide Service” took me to an isolated spot on the Warm Springs Reservation along the picturesque Deschutes River for some “Dirt Fishing”. In June 2015, while fishing clients in the same area, Alysia took off her ring and secured it on her person while performing some vehicle maintenance. Hours later, after walking hundreds of yards between their vehicle and clients, she noticed her ring missing and no amount of visual or borrowed metal detector searching helped. Elke saw the 2016 Fox12 News spot on my services and the wheels started turning but we didn’t connect until yesterday. Using my Makro Gold and 5×10 elliptical coil I methodically searched the 6″-2′ high grass/weeds one likely area after another; I recovered pull tabs, shell casings and a few bottle caps. 2.5 hours into the search Alysia suggested lunch, which sounded great, but I wanted to make a pass along the recent tire track trampled weeds to recover some stakes I put down. About 30 yards from my stakes there was a short grass area I decided to search. A solid tone and a quick flip of the shallow dirt plug revealed gold and diamonds. I was about 100yds from Alysia & Elke so when I arrived at the rig for lunch I asked if they were curious to see all the items I had dug. When I opened my hand there was a piece of gold showing and Alysia asked “what is that” while slowly uncovering her ring. Tears, hugs, and handshakes followed! Earlier in the search a Bald Eagle had circled us and Elke said “this is a good sign”, yes it was!

Besides the reward of another happy customer I’m looking forward to my guided fishing trip on the Deschutes River with fly rod in hand and the tug of a Redband or Steelhead on the other end!
Thank you Elke & Alysia for the call and your great company for the day.