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Gold & Platinum Wedding Band Lost Manzanita, OR – Found by The Ring Finders

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

Corey asked me about local metal detector rentals to find his lost wedding ring that went over the fence into brush while tossing weeds. We had a nice chat regarding his options and within 24 hrs he sent me an email asking me if I could do the search; happily I obliged. A few days later my wife & I arrived with the camper on the back of the truck… if we’re driving 3hrs to the Oregon Coast we might as well enjoy it! After surveying the brush density I opted for my Makro Gold Racer more for it’s small 4”x7” elliptical coil than it’s gold detection prowess. The small coil allows me to push the coil under and into dense brush much easier than round coils. It sniffed out the Gold & Platinum Band a full detectors length under a bush. Corey was very grateful and remarked he was glad he called a member of ‘The Ring Finders’ vs attempting it himself.

Corey, I wish you much happiness along the majestic Oregon Coast. Thank you for the call!

‘The Ring Finders’, good folks doing wonderful things to reunite people with their treasured jewelry… give us a call!