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Lost Ring in Port St. Lucie,Fl………Found

  • from Sebastian (Florida, United States)


I received a call from George about his wife Martha’s ring. Martha got out of their car at the site of their soon to be new home and after a few minutes she realized her ring was gone. We agreed to meet the next morning, I was surprised to see much activity around the home including excavator tracks thru the supposed lost ring location. I thought this may be my most challenging recovery yet as there was lots of aluminum scrap and nails in the soft dirt. I tested the readings I would most likely get with one of my wife’s gold rings. After ground balancing my Nox 800 I started my grid search, there were many signals every few inches. On the second pass thru the area I got a strong repeatable 12 signal. My hand held pinpointer made it easy to locate. I asked “does this look like your ring?” Martha said “OMG you found it!” Martha and her friend kept saying “I can’t believe he found it, I can’t believe he found it!” There were smiles all around, I may have been happier than the ring owner. The feeling I get when I find someones lost items is almost addictive, this one made my week!

Wedding ring recovered in Vero Beach

  • from Sebastian (Florida, United States)

I received a frantic phone call from Natalia Sunday evening just before dark. Her husbands wedding ring slipped off his finger while in Vero Beach Florida and they were returning to Miami in the morning. I loaded my Equinox 800 and sand scoop then headed for the beach. Natalia met me at the entrance to the beach where her husband Tiago had stayed in the location of the lost ring, sifting the sand through his fingers in hopes of finding it. I surveyed the area and marked off an area where it could possibly be , after about 10 minutes doing a grid search it was located. The crowd on the beach watching me search broke into cheers and applause ! I’m pretty sure I was as happy as Tiago and Natalia!