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Heirloom Gold and Diamond Ring Lost Lake Oswego, OR – Found & Returned by The Ring Finders

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

Julie was potting plants at her Lake Oswego home and her prized generational ring was getting dirty so she hung it on the arm of her folded reading glasses lying next to her.  Occasionally she used her glasses but it wasn’t until late in the day she realized her ring was missing. Distraught, she consulted a friend for ideas who suggested ‘The Ring Finders’ and gave her my number. When we met she explained the day of the loss and accentuated that a special anniversary date was approaching; perhaps the ring was her late Mothers last gift, I didn’t pry. She remembered limited outside movement that day but did travel from the back to front yard a few times. The first search area was the grassy potting site and I quickly got a solid tone on the Equinox 800 metal detector. A probe of the tall grass with my pinpointer revealed her special ring. Julie’s, “You made my day”, was all I needed to make my day a little brighter as well, thank you!

‘The Ring Finders’, good folks doing amazing things to reunite people with their sentimental jewelry – give us a call today!