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14kt Family Crest Ring Found in Lake – Returned! Litchfield Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone call from David, from a local property management company in early December about a ring that was lost in a lake behind one of the homes in the gated community. The information given to me was third hand, but seemed pretty straight forward. Alex, in his eighties was throwing a crab trap into the salt water lake. As he did it stripped the ring from his finger and deposited it into the water. Alex had reserved himself to the thought that the ring was probably gone forever. Alex’s children contacted the property management company and asked if there was anything that might be done. David found Alex’s children were hoping that we might find the ring so they could present it back to him for Christmas.

I met David at the property. He gave me the information as he got it from the kids. After securing permission from the HOA I returned a few days later with waders and my CTX 30-30 and my Excalibur. Thinking this was going to be easy, I jumped off the seawall with the Excal to work 25′ by 40′ grid. Immediately I realized the bottom of the lake was full of trash. Since the water was only about knee deep I asked my wife to hand me the CTX so I had an idea what targets were sounding off. After setting some discrimination I worked the area pretty hard for an hour plus. I removed several larger targets that might have been causing interference, but I was not getting the type of signal that I wanted to see. I was also getting feedback from hot rocks and the seawall bolts any time I got the 17” coil next to the bulkhead. I expanded the grid, but after awhile I assumed I was getting bad info in this third hand translation. I gave up until more info, preferably from the source, was given to me.

Alex phoned earlier this week telling me who he was and asked if I was interested in giving it another try. I met him at the house the next day. Alex assured me he would put me in a 6 foot radius. I remembered all the trash in the lake and the seawall feedback, so I took along my Gold Bug Pro with the smaller coil. I knew that would help get between trash to see a good target. I had Alex rub his left earlobe for luck. After removing more trash and some hot rocks I worked a 15 by 15′ area. I was becoming annoyed that I was not finding this ring. Alex explained from land that he used a castnet to try and retrieve the ring the day he lost it. After hearing that, I knew he dragged the ring closer to the seawall. I came right up next to the bulkhead with Fisher Gold Bug and there it was. A 62 on the interface told me what I wanted to know. One scoop and a glint of gold confirmed the rest. At 82 Alex can still jump, as I witnessed “The Ring Dance”. With a great big smile, Alex explained to me that this ring had been given to him by his late wife Ginger on their 25th wedding anniversary. I could see him reminisce. Then he joyfully said “Hot Dog!”, or something like that. Although, not the timely Christmas gift that the kids had hoped for, the end result everybody wanted was achieved.

Alex, Thank You for the generous reward. Thanks to all for your trust in me to find this ring.