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Gold Ring, Lost and Found Under Water, Woodbridge, Virginia

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

June 28th: Underwater Metal Detecting, Ring Returned.

I am an expert metal detectorist with the knowledge, skill, and experience to recover your lost items on land and underwater. Please text or call as soon as possible: (703) 598-1435

EZ Cruz Marina

John was enjoying an afternoon of boating with his father and rest of the family on Father’s Day. They stopped at EZ Cruz Marina to fuel up, and John jumped into the water. His beautiful ring decorated with diamonds and Claddagh symbols slipped off his finger. John called and we arranged to meet at the marina.

Search Area






Mrs. Ellis (my safety diver) and I arrived around 10am, we introduced ourselves to the EZ Cruz staff, and started to prepare. We evaluated the conditions. Water visibility was poor, and the water was about seven feet deep. When John arrived, he showed us exactly where and how he jumped in.


Ladder Entry

Circular Search Device


I decided to use my circular search pattern device I made just for these types of situations. Entering the water around noon, I worked through various trash targets including weights, glasses, and fishing rods. After about an hour I was able to find John’s beautiful ring!





For my detecting friends, my Equinox 800 with a Coiltek 10×5 had a VDI of 22-24 for ring of un-known gold content.

Rob Ellis: Metal Detector Expert… Call/text ASAP, (703)-598-1435

Don’t give up. Many of my clients have bought, borrowed, or rented a metal detector before calling me. Just because someone has a tool, it doesn’t mean they know how to use it. I use state of the art equipment, and I have thousands of hours of experience searching on land and underwater. If you have tried using a detector without success, please call to see if I can help.




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