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White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Found and Returned Surfside Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a voice mail Saturday morning from Kimberly. Listening to the message I could hear her voice crack with emotion. I called her back to start the process of the where, when and how questions. She had lost her engagement ring the afternoon before while throwing a ball on the beach. She had lost it at the water’s edge near high tide. That is always a good thing regarding a ring search at the beach. Kimberly and her husband Joe, along with several friends were on the beach when I called her. I told her to stay put and I would meet her in 30 minutes.

When I got to the beach I met Joe, Kimberly’s husband. Joe started explaining the area of loss and where the tide line was the day before. Coming up from the water Kimberly joined in on the conversation. Emotionally she was like a duck on the water, calm on the surface, but I could tell she was paddling like heck underneath. They explained an area that would be approximately 25 yards wide by 250 yards long. I had everybody present rub their left earlobe for good luck. After an hour and a half I exhausted the area, including asking several beach goers if I might get them to move so I could search the area they were camped on. I rarely get any negative responses from these people when I explain what I am doing. Having covered every bit of the grid area I walked the couple hundred yards back to Kimberly and company. I asked if she was absolutely sure she lost her ring on the beach. Her answer was “No”. This surely starts putting doubts in my mind.  They both expressed thanks for giving it a try. I asked where they were the day before with all the chairs and stuff. Joe pointed to an area in about the middle of the grid search. I decided to spend a few more minutes working that area above the slope and below the original grid to see if she may have lost it where they were sitting, or out in the water. Eliminating the upper slope I moved to the lower beach. I made 6 more grid lines toward ocean edge. Mentally I told myself the ring was not there and this would be my last line. At the end of that line I planted my sand scoop and started to turn off my CTX 30-30. As I started to lift the coil from the sand to turn off the machine I got a signal. Looking at my interface screen a 12:02 was flashing. “Foil” I thought, but decided to check it out. I dug a small scoop of sand and brushed it with my foot revealing a beautiful white gold diamond ring. Looking down the beach I saw Joe watching from 70 yards away. I rubbed my left earlobe to signal that I had Kimberly’s ring. She passed Joe in a sprint to where I was standing. She looked at the ring I was holding, put her hands on her knees and began crying tears of joy. “The Ring Dance” Applause and shouts from several beach goers erupted as everybody understood what just happened. It took Kimberly a few moments to compose herself enough to take the prize from my hand. Several tearful hugs later, and a Bro Hug from Joe, I was able to get some pictures for the story. The ring story that started 3 years ago gets to continue on Kimberly’s finger. The ring we all thought was gone forever. God is Good!

Kim and Joe, Thank You for trusting The Ring Finders with this search.