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3 Hr Dash To Rescue Wedding Ring From Indian Ocean, Eagle Bay, Dunsborough, South Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

Luke and his wife Genna had been taking a break from life in Perth, with a visit to Eagle Bay in Dunsborough, 3 hrs south of Perth.. While there Luke was having a dip in chest deep water when he had felt his cherished white gold wedding ring slip from his finger. He had called out to Genna on the beach that he’d lost his ring and immediately started diving down looking for it on the sandy ocean floor. Unfortunately he hadn’t found it and after a while had to give up and begin the 3 hr drive home to Perth.

When they got home Luke had turned to the internet for help and finally at about 3 am found my website www.RingRescues.com.au. He had shown his wife who had said “it says 24 hr rescue service” and “time is of the essence”, please give them a call now.

Well of course I had been asleep at the time and didn’t hear the phone ring but I did see Luke’s missed call first thing in the morning so I called him back and listened to what had happened. It turned out he was only the next suburb over so it made sense for us to travel down to the loss site together which is what we did.

When we arrived the predicted swell I was worried about had not yet arrived so I asked Luke to make a  video call to Genna. I asked her about her recollections of where Luke had been in the water when he had shouted out the bad news to her the day before.

Sweet success

Luke sat on the beach with baited breath and fingers and toes crossed as I began the search.

After I had finished a 25 m by 25 m grid to the right of some isolated rocks Genna said he’d been near at the time, I had found just one item.. a brand new pyramid sinker but no ring. That’s strange I thought, I’m sure I couldn’t

have missed it so I returned to the beach and discussed this with Luke. If anything he felt I should now try a bit more to the left.

I still had a flag marking my first line out into the water so I started toward it again but a meter or so to the left this time.

Luke’s precious showing off!

When I was about two meters from my flag, bingo, a great sounding candidate for Luke’s ring, the first like it so far.. I felt my heart race as I raised the scoop and sure enough, there was a white gold looking mens wedding ring in the bottom. I turned and yelled to Luke “I’ve got it!” and started bouncing and jumping my way back to shore with his wedding ring held high in the air.

When we met at the waters edge I said “please tell me its yours!” He took a moment as he peered in disbelief and then said “it’s the one, its definately the one!”

A couple of  Hell yeahs andd high fives ensued and then it was time to call Genna and deliver the great news. Luke got her on a video call again so I got to see her delight as well as Lukes, and I knew right then in thier smiles just how much it meant to them both to have it back so it’s story could continue. Later we headed back to Dunsborough for some sushi to celebrate then set off on the journey home with full bellies and smiles all round..

Happy New Year guys..