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Two gold rings lost and found on Nantucket Beach were returned safely

  • from Nantucket (Massachusetts, United States)

It was late morning when I received the call…

“Hi. Are you on Nantucket? Do you have a metal detector? And do you find lost rings?”

“Yes! My name is Nikoline and I am on Nantucket! And yes, I do find lost rings! Have you lost something?”

“Yes, I lost two rings on the beach. Can you help?”

“I sure can! Tell me, when did you lose them? And where were you?”

“It was this morning! I lost my rings on the beach in Madaket. I took them off and put them in a canvas bag before I went for a swim. When I got home they were no longer in the bag.”

A few more details of location and circumstance were discussed, then off I went! The beach was packed and the rings were no where to be found! By dusk, still no luck. Finally under a starlit sky…. Boom! There it was! The ruby and diamond ring. But where was the other one? I checked and checked again but it was not near. I then wandered further down the beach following the path of least resistance till boom! There it was! 

It Could not have been a better day. I found both of the lost rings and returned them to the fingers they belong on.