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Diamond wedding band lost and found in Pembroke Pines

from Hollywood (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-954-892-8993


I received a call last week from Jason who lost his diamond wedding band when his child jumped off a floating trampoline into his arms while he was treading water in a lake. I was picking up my new scuba equipment the next day and he was leaving for Mexico so we scheduled it for the next weekend. Met him as planned and I had him swim out and drop a marker where he felt he dropped the ring. The marker landed in 14 feet of water and I used it as a starting point when I got to the bottom. After searching around for about 1 hour and locating some lead fishing weights and a bonus Gucci watch(not his) I finally found a ring in 19 feet of water. Visibility was only about 1 – 2 feet so I needed to put it up to my mask with a dive light to see if it was his ring and it was! Needless to say, he was psyched and so was I!