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Platinum Wedding Ring Lost in Portland Snow – Found by Del Witters

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

Luke called and explained how he may have lost his heavy platinum wedding band while shoveling his sidewalk and driveway snow. He was wearing gloves but thought he must have taken them off at some point and his ring came off because he couldn’t find it in their house. I was only a few minutes away so I drove over immediately, assessed the area, and within 10 minutes found his ring buried in about 3″ of snow. Luke was in awe of how quick it went and how I ‘called’ it before uncovering his ring – I definitely started in the right corner of the area.

Luke was surprised of how empty his hand felt and restless he was throughout the night without it; easy to understand after wearing it for 19 years of marriage – Happy I could help and thank you for the call!


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