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Ring Found In Snow Ft. Collins Colorado

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

A couple days ago the snow started coming down heavy here in Colorado.  Greg being the nice guy and wonderful husband that he is, stopped by his wife’s work to clear the snow off her car.  In a parking lot north of Ft. Collins, Greg clears the snow off her car with his bare hands because he forgot his gloves.  So with those bare hands he throws snow from under the windshield wipers then shaking his hands to clear the stinging cold off his hands.  Jumps into his car to go home before noticing his wedding ring was missing. 

Quickly jumps back out into the cold to search for his ring, but a ring sinks fast in 8 inches of snow and in the dark makes it almost impossible to find.  After an internet search and finding the ring finders we were able to find his ring in the hard packed snow.

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