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Lost Cell Phone while Picking Mushrooms – Found & Returned – Portland, OR

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

Kelsey was walking amongst the Larch Mountain evergreens looking for Chanterelle Mushrooms. Multiple times she grabbed her phone for candid shots of her puppy. At some point her phone fell out of her jacket pocket and went unnoticed until at the car. Tired and with darkness approaching Kelsey felt it would be best to search another day. Kelsey and her grandfather had metal detected together in the past so she mentioned to Navid (partner) she needed to rent a metal detector. In his search he found ‘The Ring Finders’ and the rest, as they say, is history! Kelsey’s knowledge of the woods and likely area of loss put us very close. The Equinox 800 sounded off and a quick visual confirmed her lost phone.

Navid & Kelsey, thank you for the call!

‘The Ring Finders’, Good folks doing great things to find and return cherished memento’s
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