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Lost Wedding and Engagement Rings Found Outside Harrisburg PA

from Cumberland County (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 610-509-1574

I received an email late this past Saturday night indicating a woman had lost her Wedding and Engagement Rings.  Her husband was looking for some advice and some help.  He was about to rent a metal detector.  I decided to loan out my second detector and we both searched for the rings.  I was circling out around a campfire ring where they were believed to be lost.  He had started looking and within a few minutes he had found one of her rings.  We move a few feet from the first find and found the second ring.

I was so glad to help this couple.  As I don’t do this as a full time business and didn’t have to travel far, I was happy to help for free.  I asked that they pay it forward, help a friend in need, or donate to a good cause.

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