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Lost Ring Found & Returned: Vanderbilt Beach, Naples, FL

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

IMG_3438 (1)While having fun at the beach with her son, Nicole decided to try a handstand in the ocean.  When she came out of the water she felt two of the three rings slip off her finger.  After relaying the terrible news to her husband who was at work about her lost rings, it became her mission to find a way to recover what was lost.  Nicole came across The Ring Finders web site.   That’s when I received the call.

Within a few hours, my wife and I arrived at the beach with our metal detectors in hand.  By this time, both Nicole and her husband were waiting for us and had the area to search visually in mind.

With stormy weather looming in the distance and several minutes of searching, I finally got a good signal closer to shore than Nicole had visualized.  The first dig with my scoop produced one ring; followed by the second ring in the next scoop.

A relieved Nicole was ever so happy to have her rings back.  We are so glad Nicole called and we were able to reunite her with the missing rings.